Kerner – A New Grape For Us

The Kerner grape is an aromatic white grape variety. It was bred in 1929 by August Herold by crossing Trollinger (a red variety also known as Schiava grossa) and Riesling.[1][2] Herold was working at a plant breeding station in Lauffen in the Württemberg region of Germany. This station belonged to a state breeding institute headquartered in Weinsberg. It received varietal protection and was released for general cultivation in 1969. (Wikipedia)

Kabminye Wines commenced in 2001 when Rick and Ingrid Glastonbury came back to the land in Krondorf in the Barossa Valley which Ingrid’s great great grandparents settled on in 1847. Their cellar door is set in an environmentally friendly building and includes a restaurant and contemporary art space. 
Krondorf was renamed Kabinye as a result of the anti German sentiment during the Second World War and renamed Krondorf at a later date. It is an aboriginal word meaning ‘Morning Star’.
The wine is unusual, reminding me of the Fetiaska we used to drink from St Leonards in the Rutherglen region. St Leonards dug the vines up because they couldn’t get a consistent taste. Like the Kerner the bouquet promised a sweet fruit driven white but surprised the palate with an extremely dry finish.
We were brave and drank the Kerner with tacos. It stood up to the chili and the guacamole incredibly well.

I only bought one when we visited the vineyard in 2008 and wondered why I hadn’t opened it until now. Now I wonder why I didn’t buy some more.


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