Top 10 Touriga Nacionals

Just a quick post from the 1st Wines of Portugal International Conference in Porto. The focus of the event is to spread the word about Portuguese wines around the world. To do this they have invited wine experts, journalists, bloggers and distributers to hear about and talk to Portuguese wine producers. As a part of the conference they have focused on Touriga Nacional as one of the key grape varieties of Portugal. I have written before on my (mixed) feelings of concentrating on just one single varietal. The idea behind this is to make sure the world understands Portugal is the home of this grape, and if people try this variety, weather it is from Portugal or one from another country, and like it, they may look for other Portuguese wines in future. Not a bad idea – a way into Portuguese wines for people not familiar or not willing to try it.

As a part of the conference they had some of the best wine critics, including Jancis Robinson, Charles Metcalfe, Neil Martin, among many others, blind tasted many Touriga Nacional single varietal wines to come up with the top 10. And here they are!

Alfaraz Touriga Nacional 2008 – Alentejo
Churchill’s Estates Touriga Nacional 2008 – Douro
Encontro Touriga Nacional 2008 – Bairrada
Herdade São Miguel Touriga Nacional 2008 – Alentejo
Inquieto Touriga Nacional 2008 – Douro
Marques dos Vales Grace 2008 – Algarve
Munda 2008 – Dão
Pedra Cancela Touriga Nacional 2008 – Dão
Quinta da Pedra Alta Touriga Nacional 2007 – Douro
Quinta das Marias 2008 – Dão

It is nice that one from the Alentejo in there. The home of the grape is the Dão region, but it has been made famous by the Douro region using it in Porto as well as making some great single varietals. Other regions have taken it and are producing they own distinctive wines from the grape. As I am a big fan of the wines of the Alentejo, it is great for the region!

Another great thing is that there is an Algarve winery in the top ten. This region is not often thought of as a wine producing area. It is more thought of as a holiday destination, but there are great areas to grow and produce wine there. I hope there are more wineries coming up there and the existing ones get more recognition soon.


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