About Wine a Day

Hi, and welcome to Wine a Day!

A Wine a Day may or may not keep the doctor away. All we know is that wine goes far better with your evening meal than a fizzy drink! Unless it is Champagne of course…

Our mission is to provide the best single day wine experience of Portugal for people visiting Lisbon or the Algarve.

To achieve this, we offer wine tours of the Alentejo, Setubal and Lisbon regions in Portugal. If you are looking for a great experience to combine with the wonderful beaches, golf courses and cities of Portugal, get in touch with us. I am sure you will enjoy the beautiful landscapes, people and of course the wine of Portugal!


We also have a blog with 2 authors:

Chris Metcalfe – Based in Portugal and often doing pieces on Portuguese and other European wines, vineyards and events.

Michael Metcalfe – Based in Australia and providing updates on wines, vineyards and events in the Australian wine industry.