Why use Wine a Day?

We know where the best wine is

The short answer to “Why use Wine a Day?” is because we know where the best wines are. It may sound simple, however wineries are not very well signposted in Portugal and unless you have exact coordinates, GPS systems don’t list many wineries as points of interest. We want you to have the best time possible during your time in Portugal. If you only have a day to spare to experience the wine regions of Portugal, then our service is the perfect option for you.

Your security and safety

With Wine a Day’s tours you have experienced drivers who know the roads. We want to keep the tasting and driving separate, to allow you to relax and enjoy your experience in safety and comfort.

The experience

We only offer tours for small groups to make our tours as personal as possible. Travelling with a small group is a great opportunity to share stories and experiences. With Wine a Day, you also have an expert on the wines of the regions always with you. They can advise you on what wines and features you may like at each of the wineries, give you some extra insights to the wines and make your time as comfortable as possible. This will amplify your experience of the great wine regions of Portugal.

The cost

Wine a Day’s tours are more cost effective than travelling on your own. You do not need to worry about car rental, petrol and hotels. We will bring you to the best wineries and back to your hotel in the same day. Leaving you more time to experience the other wonderful things to see and do in Portugal.

So check out our wine tours: